Publishing Opportunities

Publishing opportunities

Accepted abstracts/papers will be published in the 2nd ISSH-2021 proceedings volume which has the ISBN publication Index – 978-0-9945391-6-8 of ISBN Agency of Australia and will be submitted for indexing with the Clarivate ISI Web of Science conference proceedings citation index (the ISSH-2019 Proceedings were indexed in the CPCI database).

After the conference, those papers which meet academic requirements from those abstracted and presented at ISSH-2021, will then be selected and invited by the editorial team for extension and rewriting for possible publication in journals such as: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (ISI), Review of Radical Political Economics (ISI), Social Identities (Scopus), or Thesis Eleven (Scopus), for blind peer review and publication.

Previous Issues


Innovations in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2019

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Opening day

The Sessions

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Three Journals carried papers from the previous conference in special issues:


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Journal of Asian and African Studies

Volume 55 Issue 6, September 2020

contents: jasa_55_6.tocjasa_55_6.toc

Articles: Special Issue: Sociology in Vietnam Today


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Educational Philosophy and Theory

Volume 52, 2020

Innovating Institutions: Instituting Innovation

An intuition of innovative new institutions

Le Thi Mai & John Hutnyk

Pages: 1120-1125

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PDF (721 KB)


Social Identities

Volume 26, Issue 5.

WhatsApp in India? A case study of social media related lynchings
Feeza Vasudeva & Nicholas Barkdull

An ‘un-imagined community’: the entangled genealogy of an exclusivist nationalism in Myanmar and the Rohingya refugee crisis
Arnab Roy Chowdhury

Twenty first-century tourism representations of Sri Lanka: exploring the worldmaking role and implications of local tourism writers
Gauthami Kamalika Jayathilaka